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We have a very distinctive approach to ministry. Come and have a look.

What We Are About

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Come meet the staff members of our church. We have assembled only the brightest people for our team.

Meet the Staff
The Catholic Chaplaincy at York is the presence of the
Catholic Church on the York University Campus.

Its purpose is to build intentional disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to grow in their relationship with God through genuine worship, through formation in the spiritual life, through participation in Christian community, and through engagement in the evangelization of the campus and the greater society.

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What if she wants to? (For Men)

In my struggle with pornography, I encountered one attitude that I found difficult to deal with: “What if she wants to?” After all, I thought to myself, “these are adult, consenting women who sign contracts and agree to appear in these productions.” The more I wrestled with pornography, the more this notion unsettled me. Something […]

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Porn Users Hate Porn

Porn users hate porn. Porn producers are aware of this. Porn is typically laid out in different categories because the distributors know that porn users have developed a particular taste. Every category of porn is specifically designed for you to trip on and fall. The porn industry has a fear that they don’t like to […]

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7 Tools To Help Fight Sexual Sin (For Men)

1) Pray for grace: Overcoming sexual sin is not a battle you can fight alone. We all need God’s grace. Pray for the grace to be strong, to turn away from sin and to repent. Something simple as 3 Hail Marys in the morning to be free from mortal sin or St. Michael’s Prayer is […]

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