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Get Involved

There is always something happening at the chaplaincy throughout the school year. If you are looking to be an active member at the chaplaincy, please read on and get involved!

music ministry

Music Ministry

We are recruiting members for Sunday choir at the 5:30pm mass. If you love music and want to Praise the Lord, come and join us! All those who are interested can send us an email at [email protected], or talk to one of the members of staff, to get the details of our practice times and location.

If God gave you a gift or a desire for music, praise Him!! Music is a service and ministers to those who come to Mass. It’s also a great way to meet people and make wonderful friendships and memories.

He who sings, prays twice. – St. Augustine


Bible Study

Every semester we offer a Bible Study for students in a small group setting to expose them to the basic teachings of our faith. We use study guides published by Christian Catholic Outreach for this 6 week Bible Study. If you are interested in taking a Bible study, please contact us at [email protected]